Friday, May 17, 2013

Finish it up Friday 5/17

I only have one finish this week.  I made this tote for my Aunt.  Its just like the one I made a few weeks ago for my daughter.  My Aunt saw it and thought it would be perfect for her to use for Sunday school.  The picture is a little blurry.  I am not sure why.  It looked ok on my camera screen after I took it.

Other than that I have still been busy on my Squirrel wall hanging.  I will spare you another picture of that for today.  I am up to section G.  I think it goes up to section T.  The good news is that the sections are not taking as long.  As I move out of the middle the pieces are getting bigger.  

The plan this weekend is to sew and organize scraps.  I finally ordered some plastic organizers that I blogged about a few days ago.  

Small picture but you get the idea.  I was hesitant on ordering because the reviews were hit or miss.  I am supposed to get them tomorrow.  I will do a review and let you know what I think.  I am using them so that I can start using Bonnie Hunter's method of saving scraps.  

This week I am linking up to Crazy Mom Quilts and TGIFF over at Ms Midge today.


  1. I use a different kind but they work for me - I get boxes at Hobby Lobby that are for storing photos or things in, I get them at the scrap book area any kind of boxes should work, anything to get organized right!

  2. Cute little bag - I'm sure it will be much loved. Best of luck with the organizing; it seems a never ending job.

  3. Nice! Those are always the best kind of gifts!

  4. Handmade gifts are absolutely the best.