Longarm Quilting

Longarm Quilting Services

 I do perform longarm quilting services for a fee. Please keep in mind my quilting is not computerized. I don't have a fancy machine but it gets the job done!  I am capable of doing free motion, hand guided edge to edge designs and custom work. Since I am human and not a computer my work will not be perfect but I do the best I can.


Simple all over freehand meander, loops or swirls - .01/ square inch

Custom- .03 and up.   Quote can be provided.  This depends on the amount of stitch in the ditch involved and density of quilting.  (Taken in on a limited basis.  Contact me to schedule a time.)

Pantographs - .015 - .020/square inch  Right now all pantographs are on sale for .01/ square inch!

Minimum charge:  $40.00

50% deposit required when dropping off or sending in your quilt in unless other arrangements have been made.

Right now my turn around time is 1-2 weeks.  Most often I can get them turned around quicker.   I will not be quilting January 1st - January 15th, 2018.   (Vacation time!)

The pantographs I have in stock right now are located on a separate page.   I can always order additional if you don't like the ones I have.  I use Urban Elementz as my main source of pantographs.

   Extra Services

Trimming - $10.00
Seaming and ironing the backing - $15.00

At this time Binding services are not available.

To get your quilt ready for quilting!

The backing and batting must be at least 4" wider on all sides.

If wide backing is used please leave selvages intact.   If a selvage edge is in a seam on the backing it must be removed.  It is acceptable to leave the selvages on the outer edges of the backing. (Its quite helpful if you do leave them!)

The back and top should be ironed and all stray threads should be clipped.

If your quilt has pieced borders you should stitch along all the edges with a 1/8" seam.  This helps keep the seems intact while on the frame. 

The quilt top and the back should be squared up.

Customer to provide batting.  I have some on hand if needed.  I tend to use Hobbs 80/20 in my own quilts.  Please contact for additional charge if interested. 

At this time I prefer to use Glide thread.   This is a polyester thread with a little bit of a sheen.  It works well in my machine and gives a beautiful stitch.  I have most neutral colors in stock.  I can special order a particular color if needed.   If you want a different thread please let me know.

Right now the price of the thread is included in the price.   If I need to use another thread, there may be a $5.00 surcharge.  Cotton thread is generally more work as I would need to stop and clean out my machine more often due to the lint build up.

I am willing to ship quilts if you are not in the area.  Shipping costs will be charged at cost.  You will be responsible for costs to ship to me and return shipping costs will be added to your invoice.

I am willing to donate my time to worthy causes.  Please contact for more information.  Charity quilts are taken on at my discretion.

Disclaimer time!  I have animals in my house.  I try as hard as I can to make sure all pets are kept away from customer quilts.   They are not around my long arm and I do lint brush every quilt before it goes back out just in case hair was transferred from me to your quilt.   That being said, if you are allergic to pets then I am probably not the quilter for you.  I can not guarantee that I can keep every hair off.  Chances are you won't see a hair but I don't want to be responsible for anyone getting an allergic reaction.

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