Friday, May 17, 2013

Blogger's Quilt Festival

As I was visiting some of my favorite blogs today I stumbled across a Blogger's Quilt festival that was just starting up!  You can enter a quilt for a chance to win prizes!  I decided that I want to enter my most favorite quilt that I have done so far  I just posted a pretty lengthy post about it awhile back so bare with me if you already read that one.

The quilt I am entering is my Hot Chocolate Snowman Applique Quilt.  It was designed by Pearl Louise.  Its 60 x 60 and is a great lap quilt.


I started this quilt about 8 years ago as a block of the month.  When I started it I was a beginning quilter.  I very quickly got overwhelmed and put it away after only doing about 4-5 of the blocks.  I took it back out last summer and decided to finish it up.  I had a blast doing it.  So different from when I started it.  It was such a fun quilt to make with lots of small cute details.  All the faces are hand embroidery.


It is all machine appliqued with a blanket stitch and it was quilted on my Husqvarna Viking Tribute 140c.  I used Isacord and Superior masterpiece thread depending on the color needed.


I love the igloo.  The blocks were all done free hand.



And a full shot!

You can see more pictures on my flickr feed .

You can visit the Quilt Festival here.  If you click on all the different posts you can vote on all your favorites in each category.

I am entering my quilt in the applique category.  So if you like it and want to vote head over! Voting is May 24-30th.  There is lots of pretty eye candy showing up today!


  1. Aw, cute!! I have no talent for applique so I'm always impressed by those who do.

  2. I am a snowman collector and I love this cute quilt! Well done!

  3. Your quilt are wonderful:))))

  4. Such a fun quilt-- and your quilting highlights and adds so much to it as well (LOVE the igloo!). Thanks for sharing! :)

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