Wednesday, March 27, 2013

WIP Wednesday 3/26

This is what I am working on this week.  Its an applique block from a block of the month at One Piece at a Time.  I love hand work.  What I haven't loved is this thread.  And I think its just me.  I have been searching all over Google for help.  I have been using Superior Masterpiece's bobbins that they make specifically for hand applique.  I have even gone so far as to email the manufacturer to see if I am just crazy.  (Just did it today so no response yet.)  I have been stubborn and dealing with them for the last 6 months trying to make it work out. Everyone raves about how great they are for hand applique.  I literally have not found one negative review.  My thread keeps breaking.  A lot.  Like stitch for about an inch and it breaks.  My thread isn't too long.  I have tried different needles.  I have used wax.  I think its time for me to part ways with it.  

My next try will be with silk.  I just can't wrap my head around only needing to use a few neutral colors though.  Can you really not see it?  Does anyone have any words of advice for a thread for hand applique?

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  1. I don't see your applique stitches, but having a thread that fight back. Um, no. Have you tried a different needle? Maybe there is a burr in your needle's eye. That kind of breakage is excessive. Even with conditioning.

    No clue about a good thread for applique. I use Nymo beading thread when beading a quilt, it disappears and is super strong. Maybe a little overkill for your use. I don't do a lot of hand applique. I've moved to polyester thread when binding or finishing, just because it doesn't break and always goes smoothly. I got so sick of my cotton thread breaking!

  2. I've only ever used standard good quality sewing cotton for appliqué, it works well for me and I generally match my thread colour to the patch I'm applying, or use a light grey thread if I can't get a good colour match. I;m not sure if that helps or not.

    Hang in there, the block is beautiful and someone is bound to come up with a solution that helps you.

  3. i use the silk thread and love it. It works best if you can match the fabric you are appliqueing down but I have used neutrals many times with out seeing it.