Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Frustration In Progress

I have renamed this weeks post from WIP to FIP.  I have been working on machine quilting this quilt for a few days now.  For some reason I keep getting skipped stitches.  I have changed my needle, cleaned my machine and tried a new spool of thread.  I tried quilting a sample I made up and my machine worked fine.  The only difference between the sample and the quilt is that I did not use spray baste on the sample.  So my conclusion is that something is going on with my spray basting.  I have used this kind before with no problems.  It's the June Taylor quilting spray they sell at JoAnns.  Maybe it was just a bad bottle or I used too much.  At this point I think all I can do is muddle through and keep fixing it as I go.  Luckily this is just a baby quilt so it won't be quite so dreadful.  UGH.  I just need to get it done.  The baby is due in about 3 weeks and I still have to ship it.
The skipped stitch is hard to see on this one but is on the white part.  

A little more obvious here.  I see three in this picture.  

A bigger picture of the quilt.  

Just showing more of the quilting design.

This week I am linking up to Lee at Freshly Pieced.  
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  1. That is a very pretty quilt and I love the appliqued owl. Sorry you are having sew many problems with the skipped stitches. I have never used a spray baste. Hope you can get this done without losing too much hair!

  2. I had a similar frustration last week with stitch problems. I hope you find the problem soon! Your quilt is very cute!

  3. I have that problem sometimes. Hope it works out for you soon. I have been able to fix it with my machine in the past by adjusting the tension but I've only really quilted baby quilts. Check the drag too. Sometimes if I have too much weight from the quilt hanging off my surface it will mess me up with skipped stitches too.

  4. I agree with Greta, it could be drag. Try making sure that the quilt is well supported.

  5. What about going to a larger needle.
    The spray basting may be heavier in some areas causing the needle to skip. Just an idea

    1. I actually ordered a bigger size yesterday and they should be here today. Love Amazon!

  6. Thanks everyone for the help. I tried a bunch of different things last night. I am going to be posting again in a bit with my trials.

  7. I had the same problem and the only thing I could figure out was the adhesive spray - I used June Taylor also and it did the same thing. The following week or so I tried another with the same machine and no spray and it worked fine.