Thursday, March 14, 2013

Update on owl quilt!

Yesterday I posted about some frustrations I was having with my baby quilt.  Last night I decided to make two mini quilt sandwiches, one pin basted and one spray basted.  I had not one issue with the pin basted one.  I only had a couple skipped stitches with the spray basted.  Not nearly as many or as bad as with the owl quilt.  So I think its definitely the spray.  I think I may have sprayed too much.  I have used this spray before with no problems so I think its just user error.  :)

So short of ripping it all out, I have to deal with it.  I did find that if I went slower I could feel when the needle was starting to stick.  In these areas I made extra sure I held my quilt securely and as flat as possible and that seemed to help.  It cut down on the times I needed to rip thread out and restart.  I did read that a larger needle might help so I ordered some yesterday to be here today.  I love Amazon.

I am glad this quilt is going to a baby.  It's not my best quilting work.  If the baby destroys it I won't be sad. And to be honest, if this didn't need to be done in two weeks I might just start over.  I should be done the middle of the quilt tonight and then its on to the borders.  I wanted to do feathers there so hopefully I didn't over spray the edges.  I can't wait til this quilt is done!

P.S.  I got so many visitors to my blog yesterday from Freshly Pieced.  And more comments than I ever have!  Thanks everyone.  So glad I decided to start linking up with Lee.

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