Friday, March 22, 2013

Finish it up Friday - 3/22/2013

I thought that I would share a quilt today that I had finished a couple months ago.  It is called the Hot Chocolate Club.  I haven't shared this on my blog yet.  I never got around to taking photos because I wanted to take them outside in a snow setting and the timing was never right.  A couple weeks ago, I was rather bummed out because I didn't think I would get another chance.  However, mother nature choose to give us one more really good snowstorm a couple days ago.  My husband was a great help to me and we finally got them done.

I started this quilt about 8 years ago as a block of the month.  I picked it back up in July and worked on it until I got the top done in August.  And there is where the anxiety kicked in.  I have always machine quilted my own quilts.  But this one was super special to me and I was scared I would ruin it because of the amount of custom quilting it was going to need to make it right.  At the time I had a small cheap brother sewing machine that quilted fine but wasn't great for detail work.  So I proceeded to pack up the top deciding to wait until I got a new machine.  It was on my wish list but I thought it was going to be awhile.  However, Christmas time rolled around and my wonderful husband surprised me with a new machine.  He bought me a Husqvarna Viking Tribute 140c.  We ended up getting a great deal on it because it was a special edition and their cycle was over.  I spent about a month practicing all the motifs I wanted to do on this quilt and then started in. 

So here are tons of pictures to share.  In total I think I took almost 40.  Don't worry I won't show you all of them but I do believe they are all on my Flickr.  You can get there by clicking one of these photos. 



One of my favorite blocks.  I was scared to use the yellow but I really love it. Notice how they are all holding hot chocolate mugs in every block.

Here is a close up of some of the quilting.

I tried a swirly design here to look like wind but I think I should have made some of my swirls go in different directions.

I really love the paisley design I tried out.  I think this is going to be my go to background filler design.

The old granny couple.  There really isn't a wrinkle in his face.  The quilt wasn't flat.

The igloo was done all free hand with no marking.  Its my husband's favorite block.

More yellow quilting.

Playing with some photo editing software.  :)

Today I am linking up to Crazy Mom Quilts!  I can't see what everyone has this week!


  1. Perfect backdrop for this quilt! I can see why you wanted to wait on the quilting. It looks fantastic! I love how you customized the quilting for each block. Great job!

  2. Wow! That is beautiful quilting. I think your wind swirls look perfect. I can see why this is so special to you. I hope it has a long a happy life keeping your loved ones warm and cozy!

  3. What a wonderful quilt you made! It was worth the wait to do the quilting - what you did is just perfect.

  4. What a "warm" quilt. The quilting is really perfect and it looks amazing. I especially like the detail you added to the igloo. My daughter would love if I made her a quilt that had snowmen drinking hot chocolate:) Great craftsmanship and quilting!

  5. What an amazing quilt. Your quilting is great and really does enhance it.

  6. Oh, so nice!
    I love snowmen and some of them are always on display in my house!

  7. The snowy background truly was worth waiting for. The background photos are awesome! I love the quilting of the igloo, too. Wonderful quilt!

  8. The whole quilt is wonderful and your quilting looks amazing. Great finish!

  9. Is this a Pearl Louise Design? I seem to recall something similar to this hanging in her shop. I love this quilt. It is so much fun. You did a great job on the quilt.

    1. Yes, it is. I should have put that. I love her designs.

  10. Awesome. I'm not much into Christmas quilts, but this is inspiring!