Monday, June 3, 2013

More Lazy Sunday Mystery!


I got part three of Lazy Sunday Mystery this weekend and was able to get a lot of it done.  I got the blocks above pieced.  There were 24 of those.


And then I got all of these pieces cut out for the next step.  Bonnie used mostly white and blacks in her quilt but I decided to use all white on whites or cream on creams.  A few years ago I bought a huge amount of them on sale and I wanted to use them up.


I just love this picture.  This was after I trimmed all the dog ears off the small blocks.  The little triangles look like confetti don't they.  I had to keep shooing my kitty away as she just wanted to play with them.

This week I am linking up to let's get acquainted blop hop.  This week it is being hosted by Life's Rich Pattern.  Its a way for blogs that don't have a lot of followers to get to know each other.  Sounds fun doesn't it!  All you have to do is go the link and and share a link to your site.  Then you go visit at least two blogs on the list and all the people who follow you.  

  Plum and June

I am also linking up to Lily's Quilts for another blog meet.  Its the same general idea as the other one.  Now I have lots of new blogs to read!
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  1. Replies
    1. This is a beautiful quilt, Bonnie was in Dallas on New Years day and taught this class. Needless to say mine is done! Quilting and all . I just love it! I can't share a pic since it is a mystery... but trust me.

  2. really like the colors you chose for your block--pink and orange together are so fun!

  3. Looks awesome! I like all the little triangles too. Why oh why must we see art in everything. :)

  4. I love that pink and orange together! Great WiPs - thanks for linking up :)