Thursday, August 10, 2017

I am back!

Looks like it has been awhile since I have posted to my blog!  I haven't disappeared completely.   Life has gotten in the way a bit.

First thing was that we bought a house!  We have been here 3 years now.   We bought it shortly after my last blog.   It's an older house that was built in 1900.  So it needs a bit of updating.   When we moved in we pulled out a lot of rug and refinished the gorgeous hardwood floors that we found underneath.   We still have a bit of remodeling to do to the bathrooms and kitchen.  We will get it done someday.   The good news is that I have a sewing room now!  It's large and spacious and I love it.  

The next big thing that happened was that I started school again.  I am attempting to get my Masters degree in Accountancy.   I only have 2 classes left after the one I am in now.  I keep needing to take breaks due to other life issues but right now I have a 3.8 GPA so I am happy with that.   The program is pretty strenuous.  It is a year round program with only a couple week break around Christmas.   The classes are one at a time for ten weeks each. A class ends one day and a new one starts the very next day.   So there are 5 10 week terms a year.   So far I have taken 3 terms off since I have started.

We also have a couple new family members.    A new kitten, now cat,  named, Luna, and a new dog, named Nebula.  We are now up to 3 cats and 1 dog and I think we are done on animals.   After not having a dog for years it was an adjustment but she is such a wonderfully fun sweet dog. A bit naughty but she is young and has some growing up to do.   The cats were not huge fans at first but they have adjusted and will put up with her.    Nebula, we call her Nebby, has needed some training so that has been time consuming.   She was not completely house trained when we got her and had poor manners.   She was 10 months old and I think they didn't do much with her when she was a puppy.   We got her from a rescue that transported her from the south to New England.


So that being said I took a break from quilting and took up knitting.  It was easier to pick up and put back down and easier to transport.   A couple months ago my quilting bug hit again and full force.   I have gotten a few UFO's almost done.  My Lazy Sunday Mystery by Bonnie Hunter is now done.  Its on my couch waiting for the binding.   My year to crow about quilt is in top form.   Next to be quilted.

Lazy Sunday Mystery, pattern by Bonnie Hunter (First real quilt off the frame)

Also, the big news, is that I picked up a 17" Bailey Home Quilter and Frame last month.   That has been a process and a half which deserves its own blog post now that its finally up to my satisfaction.   Absolutely love having a long arm.   Mostly because I LOATHE basting.   It was such a cumbersome process that made me not want to finish my quilts even though I loved the actual quilting process so much.   Anyway more details next time!  I really am going to try to start blogging more often.

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