Monday, December 16, 2013

Bonnie Hunter's Celtic Solsitce #3

Well I didn't quite get part 2 done last week.  I have about 30 blocks left.  I am almost done part 3.  I have about 125 triangles done.  I didn't make any into pinwheels yet because I want to have a little more variety. 


I did these triangles using TA-DA triangles.  I like it but it is a leave in interfacing so we will see what its like as I progress further into this quilt.  It only took a me a couple hours to do these squares.  I didn't have enough for all 200. 


This is my best guess so far.  I think the chevrons are going to be a border and the inner blocks will be a star.  I am not quite sure though because I think there are too many extra neutral star parts for this to be true. 

This week I am linking up to Quiltville.