Monday, August 27, 2012

Garden Patch Top Done!

I finished this top this weekend! Yay!

And it's even kitty approved!

These are bad pictures.  I took them with my iphone.  I think a new camera might be on my Christmas list.  I am going to quilt this quilt in a few days.  I ordered batting from Connecting Threads Thursday so it is going to be a few days before I can start it.  

So this was my weekend.  I didn't go anywhere and it was amazing.  We have had an extremely busy summer so I didn't make any plans this weekend.  I stayed home and sewed almost all weekend.  Well in between loads of laundry and house work.  I also went through all of my quilting supplies and cleaned some out.  I had loads of fabric I bought years ago that just isn't me anymore.  Apparently I used to be into florals.  A lot.  I actually think so of this was given to me by my mom when I started quilting.   My goal this week is to find someone to donate it to for charity quilts.  I know I could just make the quilts myself but its not fabric I could spend any length of time looking at.  Does anyone know where I can go to donate or how I should contact?


  1. Garden Patch is just beautiful, and kitty approved makes it that much better!