Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A sample of my Dear Jane blocks

I don't have much time for a lengthy post but I wanted to get some pictures up of my Dear Jane work so far.  My quilt is going to be all blues and whites.  I was really torn between doing a pink and chocolate one and this one.  My fiance voted blues, so there you have it.  I am still collecting pinks and browns though and maybe someday I will do that one too...or maybe just a smaller one.  Most of the ones below I paper pieced.  The hunter's moon block was mostly hand applique.  I enjoyed that block a lot.  I learned how to reverse applique which I had never done before.  I get most of my hints and tips from That Quilt.

I almost forgot the good news.  I received an early mother's day gift today.  My wonderful fiance and kiddos bought me the Dear Jane Software!  I think the fiance got sick of me complaining about all the tracing that I was doing with the book. 

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