Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My little secret...sshhh!

For years I was a single mom.  And even still I can't afford to buy the huge expensive sewing machines that most quilter's love.  I do all my piecing and machine quilting on a brother sewing machine that was bought at Wal-Mart.  I think it was $125 dollars new.  And to be honest I never have problems with it.  Its a good little machine.  Yes, I would love to buy a nicer one but right now its not in the cards.

 I would also love to say I buy I buy all my fabric at my local quilting shop.  But seriously, who can afford $12/yard for fabric.  Not I.  I spend my time shopping online to cut my costs practically in half.  I ventured in to my LQS the other day to kill sometime before I had to pick up the kids from their after school activities.  I loved, loved, loved wandering around the store looking at all the wonderful fabrics and patterns.  I really wish I could I could do more to support their presence in our community.  But as a young adult I can't.  Quilting is a bit of an expensive hobby to get into.  And its generally known as being a hobby enjoyed by a generation that is older.  And honestly I can see why.

So where do you buy your fabrics?  Here are some of the sites I love for great deals.

I love the clearance and sale sections most of all.  I generally try to buy last season's fabrics or lines of fabrics that have been out for awhile.  I am also lucky enough to live 30 mins away from a salvage surplus store that has the most amazing fabric department.  I don't always know the name brand of the fabric I am buying but it has never disappointed me.  I picked up 10 fat quarters the other day for my blue Dear Jane quilt at 75 cents each.  They must have about 500 bolts of fabric there.  I will have to take some pictures next time I go.  

So let's share where we go to get our deals.  How do we pursue our love of quilting on a budget?

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