Monday, February 4, 2013


I just recently started a free block of the month I found on the blog One Piece at a Time.  She does beautiful applique.  It is going to be an applique/pieced quilt with Christmas themes.  She just released the first block last week.  I was so proud of myself that I had it almost done this weekend.  All I had left to do was make the berries then applique them down.  As I was making the berries I noticed a small spot on my background fabric.  It looked a little bit like chocolate.  Darn it.  So I took a damp paper towel and tried to remove it.  And then being the smarty I can tend to be sometimes I took my iron to that corner to dry it off so I could finish applying the berries.  When I had placed my block on the ironing board I had a small piece of red fabric under it.  And so when I combined the applique block, the red fabric and the iron I made a huge mistake as you can see in the next picture.  The red fabric bled on my block.

I was quite distraught.  I did not want to do this block over again.  I was quite proud of the job I had done so far.  So my lovely husband, Mr. J, went to the store and got some stain remover.  He came back with a Tide Stain Stick remover and Stain Devils Ink and Crayon remover.   First I tried the Tide.  While it worked a little it still didn't help that much.  Next I tried the Stain Devils.  I had never heard of it before so I was a bit skeptical.  But now I am in love.  It got the stain out almost completely.  In fact if you didn't know it was there I bet you couldn't see it.  Here's a link to the product, here.

So now my block is almost complete.  I never did finish the berries last night because of the Super Bowl.  Hopefully I should be able to post the finish tonight.  

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